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Bullying Prevention and Changes

Hello hello! It is still feeling like Summer here, but the bags under my eyes are a giveaway for September! What a great year start it has been too. A new school, New challenges, new kids, New team- and I have loved every second. I’m still missing my lovely and homey old school, but the change has helped me get over the ABANDONMENT of my newly high schooled babies. They are thriving, of course, but I still look for them in the hallways.

Anywhoooo here is my latest blog post with Free Spirit!


Girls and Depression- Another Free Spirit Post!

My latest blog post with the Free Spirit Publishing Blog is out! In this one we tackle young women and depression. Such an extremely dense topic, right?! As a kid observer and feminist, this topic hit close to home and I have so many opinions on it (the poor editor probably had to have a night-cap after sifting through my ranting!). The big message I wanted to send on young women and feelings in the eyes of society was this: just because it’s accepted, doesn’t mean it’s right. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Why does this bother me…

🤔🤔🤔 Is it just me or do chicks have no positive option? The “Queen Bees” might be the top option, but that is probably referencing a “drama queen” (ugh- my least favorite phrase), not a leader, but the top dog is smart and strong…

Slow Start


Yep. Four more days. What a Summer it has been. We have had some serious changes this Summer in my family, some super sad and some exciting. It always seems to happen that way that the Summer is so seldom a slow burn. I can’t decide which way I like more. But I am ready to head back.

The crazyiness will begin soon, as I step into a new school. After my babies left for High School I’ve decided to take the leap and start a new adventure. As sad as I am to say goodbye to my old school, I am really excited to get my hands into a new place, new population, and forge new friendships. I get so much inspiration from the people around me, sometimes I think they get fatigued from my harassment! So now it’s time to give someone else a turn.

To prep for returning, I started reading The Balanced Teacher Path which has really helped me get into the mood to set my mind right, and remember to support the teachers on my hallway. It’s such an easy read, contains personal stories, and suggestions for the classroom and home. I seriously recommend it, and think it would be an amazing all-school read.

I also got to spend today in training with all of the secondary counseling peeps in VB. It was tough to wake up early, but it was so perfect to get me reignited and ready for the year. I am itching to get in, take care of scheduling conflicts, and get the year rolling. It feels so good to be in a profession that excites me enough to get my tail out of yoga pants and into business.

Free Spirit Blogging!!!

Guys! Guys, guys, guys. Guys! I am so excited! When we ask about our “dream jobs” we usually think about full time jobs that would take the place of all else. But this month I’ve started one of my “dream jobs”, and it happens to be a side, part-time job. My first post on Free Spirit Publishing Blog has gone up!

As I’ve discussed before, I’m in love with Free Spirit books. They are easy to follow for adults, and the kid ones are incredibly relevant and well-written for the age group.

I have practically the whole catalogue of Free Spirit books, so when I found out they have an Advisory Board I promptly applied. After doing that for a couple a years, an opportunity came open in the Counselor’s Corner of their blog, and I almost fell out of my chair!

Here is my first post, and I cannot wait for many more! To my luck, the staff and editors at Free Spirit are just as amazing as their books, and made the process so fun and easy! Hope you enjoy, leave a comment or question!

Back on the Donor’s Choose Train

We are knee deep in prepping for our Writing Standard of Learning, and I am seeing all kinds of crazy and creative ways that teachers are trying to make this material less tired. I started to realize that there are a lot of things I use with students, and keep in my office, that could easily be part of an English lesson. It makes complete sense too, after all, Guidance is about understanding, perspective, and communication. As I wished that I could share all of my office toys with the teachers, I realized that there might be a way to get some for everyone!

If you haven’t checked out Donor’s Choose yet, you totally should. It’s so easy to use because it’s a simple template. Then they are really helpful in making your project professional and marketable. Check out ours here and share if you’d like!

Inspiration of Late

Because it is late, but since I was inspired by my Girl Group today I thought I’d share a poem-ish I posted on social media a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

Sisters of stone were warned, given the explanation that women didn’t belong in colleges, voting lines, offices, and mortgage statements. So glad they persisted.
My mom was warned, given the explanation that she loved too much. So glad she persisted.

My grandmothers were warned, given the explanation that they couldn’t take care of their families on their own. So glad they persisted. 

My mother-in-law was warned, given the explanation that she’d never make it in a new country. So glad she persisted.

My aunt was warned, given the explanation that she wouldn’t drive, go to college, and be independent with a disability. So glad she persisted. 

My cousins have been warned, given the explanations that they wouldn’t be successful establishing in new places by themselves. So glad they persisted.

My sister was warned, given the explanation that academia is not a career. So glad she persisted.

My friends have been warned, given explanations that following your heart won’t make you successful. So glad they persisted.

My fellow teachers had been warned, given explanations that the education field won’t make you rich, some kids just don’t want to learn from compassion. So glad they persisted. 

So many women in my life that stood for what they believe in and fiercely persisted, even when they were warned and given a million explanations that they were supposed to obediently follow…

because of them…

When I was warned, given the explanation that growing up fast would ruin my life, I persisted.  

Now my daughter is warned, it’s explained that she shouldn’t be loud, powerful, and strong. So glad she persists.

And now? Quite frankly, we all kick ass.