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Christmas Making!

Some of the gifties I worked on this holiday (not including a couple…or the five projects I started and didn’t finish…). 

A couple of creds:

Police car cross-stitch-

Crocheted cowl pattern-

Buttons added to the cowl-

VW cross-stitch pattern-


About weekendtherapy

I am a School Counselor in middle school, mommy of two, wifey to one (or mommy of three it seems some days...). School Counseling is my total dream job, and navigating the specifics of the hormonal and transitional middle school population is way more exciting and fun than I could have ever imagined. But let's get real- on some days, I come home unhinged and unfiltered. I call this lovingly, "inspiration". In order to keep my cool, and not punish the world for my lack of patience, I like to partake in some weekend therapy: bad reality TV and crafty goodness.

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  1. I love that cowl! The buttons add such a cool touch to it.

  2. I’m really impressed by your pyrography, gorgeous


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