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So my department wanted to make a video for our 8th graders to go over the logistics of their registration for 9th grade. We’re having the department chairs from our feeder high schools talk about everything, so they also get some face time. It’s an awesome idea because there are lots of tiny things (how many classes, selections, section availability, etc) that we end up saying over and over in the registration lesson. What we would rather be an interactive lesson ends up being droney and lecturey. This is tough, especially when our face-time is important for report building- basically, us counselors like to be the fun ones. The video will also allow us to disperse the information much more quickly.

The videos turned out great, but it is so much info, and I hated the idea of not being able to “check in” with students as different points were being made. Luckily, our computer resource lady showed me an awesome app that I used in between takes to do just that! It is called Tellegami, and allows you to do short clips of an avatar that has your voice. It’s incredibly easy to use. If you have iPads in school I would highly recommend it! If you are already using it, good on ya!



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I am a School Counselor in middle school, mommy of two, wifey to one (or mommy of three it seems some days...). School Counseling is my total dream job, and navigating the specifics of the hormonal and transitional middle school population is way more exciting and fun than I could have ever imagined. But let's get real- on some days, I come home unhinged and unfiltered. I call this lovingly, "inspiration". In order to keep my cool, and not punish the world for my lack of patience, I like to partake in some weekend therapy: bad reality TV and crafty goodness.

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