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Monday. So, so Monday.

Wow.  Monday came back with a vengeance in efforts to make up for lost time!  This is going to be short and sweet.  I fully intend on posting my Daily Log Sheet this week (I do love making worksheets), but for tonight, I needed to unwind by dreaming of my next weekend therapy crafts.  These two blogs have made me ready to attack Terrorizing Tuesday after Maniacal Monday:

1. Un. Real. The sweet lady over at Wombat Quilts is super talented, and the feel of the blog and her writing makes you so inspired and comfy that you feel like you could complete all of these intricate patterns in a night.


2. And more amazing.  Also insanely amazing.  The projects at Cutting Corners College are like crack.  But better, because this addiction keeps me off of my phone and on something productive-ish.  I might not be doing laundry, and might be slightly neglectful, but look at the teeny tiny things I can make a stare at.  Forever. And ever.  All day.

In love10


About weekendtherapy

I am a School Counselor in middle school, mommy of two, wifey to one (or mommy of three it seems some days...). School Counseling is my total dream job, and navigating the specifics of the hormonal and transitional middle school population is way more exciting and fun than I could have ever imagined. But let's get real- on some days, I come home unhinged and unfiltered. I call this lovingly, "inspiration". In order to keep my cool, and not punish the world for my lack of patience, I like to partake in some weekend therapy: bad reality TV and crafty goodness.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I am glad that I am providing some inspiration…I figure if I can do it any one can!


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