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New seems to be the theme of my past year or so:  I started a new career in school counseling, met new kids, played with new coworkers, made new mentors and friends, became a new grad gradate, and –aaahhh full circle tie in– now I’ll start a new blog. Scary, lovely, anxiety-provoking, and inspiring to have so many changes, but I am starting to feel a settle coming sometime soon. Ish.  In my new best-job-ever, I am learning so much, as I sift through information I learned in school, past jobs, and substituting.  I dig out articles and Powerpoints I made, while smothering the voice that threatens me if I put two spaces after a sentence.  Likewise, now that I have moved on up to my own office, I am using techniques I observed as a sub and throw out acquired habits to develop my own processes that work better for my communication style.  Anywho, I hope to discuss some of this here, and touch on some things that help me make nice while I’m waste deep in hormones (like meditative handquilting and other holly-hobby crafts I get made fun of at home for partaking in), all the while hopefully becoming part of the online counseling community for some by-proxy first year supervision.  Hope I can keep up!

PS- I did take a few minutes today to hang some super-cute Kind over Matter ‘take-one’ posters.  I think these are awesome for hallways, office doorways, and teacher’s lounges alike! She’s got a ton of free print-outs over there, and this one I’ve gone to at each stop I’ve made.



About weekendtherapy

I am a School Counselor in middle school, mommy of two, wifey to one (or mommy of three it seems some days...). School Counseling is my total dream job, and navigating the specifics of the hormonal and transitional middle school population is way more exciting and fun than I could have ever imagined. But let's get real- on some days, I come home unhinged and unfiltered. I call this lovingly, "inspiration". In order to keep my cool, and not punish the world for my lack of patience, I like to partake in some weekend therapy: bad reality TV and crafty goodness.

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